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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pouring Acrylic Paint, my new obsession

I really like this fun method of playing with paint. I have a bunch of tube paints left over from when I taught classes at Michaels a couple of years ago, so I thought this might be a good way to use them up. I think I spent about $50 buying all the supplies I needed to do the process, to use up Free paint. LOL. But, it was very therapeutic. Now all I have to do is finish cleaning off the silicone slime that forms on top of the paintings, and varnish them. It will take awhile for them to dry as well. Here are my first Poured Acrylic Paintings. Yes, I am obsessed. I did all these in one day.

These are all small paintings, 2.5 x 3.5 inches to 5x7 being the largest.

Below are a few closeups of some of them, not great pictures yet, because these are still wet. I am afraid to move them much because they keep changing if you tilt them, and I am a real butterfingers, so accidents could happen.

Close up look at one of my favorites, only 2 colors, dioxazine purple and white

This is my really most favorite, and it is in a 6x6 Davinci Liquid Art Panel. 
I think I need about 50 more of these panels from Jerry's Artarama.
Ready to hang after it is dry and varnished, and I add a hanger.

5x7 mat board - looking for a picture to put in  this one.

I did a bit of dragging on this one, to make the little spires. 
Tiny Canvas, would look great on a tiny easel.

Primary colors 1 - 5x7

Primary colors 2 - 5x7

Odd color mix? ACEO

Oh, and yesterday I did my very first one which is quite large, so I decided to do smaller ones from now on.
12 x 16 on canvas board - they usually name these, but I just call it blues and greens with a splash of magenta.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Landscapes PPF

Painting Challenge Photos on Different Strokes Art Challenges Group

I am enjoying painting challenges from reference photos in a Facebook Group (Different Strokes Art Challenge) and there were a few I thought I would not be able to do. Landscapes. Trees. Snow. Not my thing.  But I did them. Here they are. I am beginning to like landscapes much more now.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Busy week painting with Acrylics, PPF

Several Paintings done for challenges online

5x7 Heavy application of paint (impasto) Snow Scene (SOLD)
painted from a video by Ginger Cook on Youtube
I always get so excited when I sell something! It makes me so happy that someone liked what I did enough to actually pay money for it!  LOL. Validation.

ACEO Pumpkin Blossom, for a challenge on Different Strokes, FB group

9x12 Serbian Landscape, a challenge for Paint and Draw Together Blog

Challenge on DPW to copy the Masters and then Paint in that style, using what you have learned.
This is Cezanne's artwork, used for inspiration for . . 

My painting 5x7 after Cezanne, Auction on DPW
and . . .

The robin I painted after loosening up with the Cezanne painting. 
4x6 Postcard size. Auction on DPW

Friday, July 21, 2017

4 Fridas, learning to Loosen Up. PPF

Challenges on Daily Paint Works

Happy Birthday Month, Frida Kahlo!

The challenge was to paint the same subject 4 times on one sheet of paper, divided up into 4 sections. Each time, loosen up, get sketchy. I learned a lot. Each time I used a bigger brush. Acrylic paint. The last two were done using a 1 inch angle brush. It is easier to get loose if you paint larger, I think.

I then cut up the individual pictures, and reworked most of them.
Also made one more. 

ACEO Size.

When the eyes gave me trouble, I just closed them.  LOL.

This was my favorite, and I did not have to fix her at all.

Hands are not my favorite part of the body to paint.

Her nose looks large, but the photo I worked from was sort of like that.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Painting from Videos Online, PPF, A Busy Week

Painting from Videos Online

Here is my 8x10 Crazy Bright Colored Calico Cat painting, done from a video on YouTube, on 140# hot press paper, varnished front and back. I love trying new styles and taking classes in art. Since discovering the awesome multitude of videos online FREE to watch and paint, I am now overwhelmed on what to do next! This one was FUN to paint. Really fun. He looks a little bit cranky to me. But I do love him. Of course, he is for sale on Ebay in my store.

Have any of you tried painting along with videos online?


Another one done from an Online Video class, "Houses on the River," after Monet. I used loose canvas and adhered it to mat board. This 5x7 acrylic artwork comes with a white mat and backing board, so it will fit into an 8x10 frame.  For Sale on Ebay

My inspiration for this painting was Houses on the Achterzaan, by Claude Monet. He painted in Oil, but this is a tiny acrylic piece. 

NOTE: Artists have long been copying the masters to learn the art form. I am attempting to make tiny replicas of the actual paintings that I like, which I discover in books or online, but I certainly do not try to pass them off as the "real" thing, since my art is only 5x7 inches. As I am studying the master's works, I gain a real appreciation of each one. They painted in oils, and I use acrylic. As I find a painting that I want to reproduce, I read about the artist, his life, and his methods of creating art. I choose colors that are close to the original and paint my "version" of it.

Here are a couple more I did this week, from online videos (check out Ginger Cook on Youtube).

And a couple of horsey pictures I painted for the Different Strokes Challenges on Facebook.

And a few ACEOs, too. Done for Challenges on Facebook and DPW.
A field of Daisies


Abstract Calla Lilies

Contented Cat

Friday, July 7, 2017

Zebras, Mama and Baby, ACEOs for PPF

Zebra Challenge

My beginning of these zebras 5x7 watercolor and pen went pretty well, and then I overworked it and it was awful. I liked the mama so I cut her out and made her into an ACEO card. Then I went back and did the baby again as an ACEO. The watercolor of the two of them no longer exists. LOL. But I did learn a lot and completed the challenge on Different Strokes Art Challenge, a Facebook group. Whew!

I could paste them back together, but the colors don't match. LOL.

These are for sale individually in my Ebay Store

This week I also did these challenges:

What did you have for breakfast?

Paint the frog's reflections (Sold)

Wild Sunflowers

A painting of a Paint Horse

All ACEO size, mostly watercolor and pen.

And during the last few weeks I finished these:

These little cards are fun to paint, don't take lots of time or stress, and give me a great deal of satisfaction to complete each one. 2.5 x 3.5 inches is challenging, but with tiny brushes and a little bit of paint and pen, they come to life.